Karbonsan Pressure Vessels Co. is one of the leading Pressure Vessel Manufacturer which has expanded to more than 53 countries at all corners of the world in a quite short course of time thanks to its customer satisfaction based service and high quality understanding which is much appreciated by our worldwide clients for long years.

Using computer controlled and fully automated shaping and welding stations in its own modern establishment of 10.000 m2 closed area based in Orhangazi – Bursa, TURKEY, KARBONSAN has raised the level of customer satisfaction to highest levels through approuved designs by experienced technical crew and in the service of the industrial gas market with the below mentioned products :

Ø  Cryogenic Super Insulated or Perlite + Vacuum insulated Storage Tanks for Oxygen,Nitrogen,Argon,LCo2 and LNG.

Ø  Cryogenic Super insulated and Ultra light Oxygen, Nitrogen,Argon or Lco2 optimized Semi- Trailers & Truck Mountable Rigid Tankers.

Ø  PUR insulated Storage Tanks for Carbon Dioxide and Nitrious Oxide ( N2O ) 

Ø  PUR insulated + Aluminium Plated Semi - Trailers and Truck Mountable Rigid Tankers for Carbon Dioxide & N2O.

Ø  Horizontal Aboveground or Underground LPG Storage Tanks 

Ø  Three Axles LPG semi - trailers or Truck Mountable LPG transport tanks

Ø  Cryogenic and Ultra light ISO Containers for Domestic Transport of Cryogenic liquids.

Ø  High Pressure & Low Pressure Ambient Vaporizers for Cylinder filling Plants, Medical Sectors and Steel Industries.

All of KARBONSAN products are certified by 97/23 PED ( CE ), TPED(  π ), ADR and ASME VIII Div1 with U or S stamp complying with all European & American Regulations. In order to provide the utmost quality and safety to its clients, KARBONSAN also cooperates with the most reliable and internationally recognized inspection companies & gets all the manufacturing tests and materials approved or controlled by the same authority.