DeMaCo is a full service international operating cryo integrator with the capabilities of (pre)-engineering, design, manufacturing, testing, packing, delivery, installation and commissioning of integrated cryogenic systems for liquid gases such as liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2, LNG, hydrogen, helium and krypton/xenon, including conditioning equipment and applications. Their scope ranges for small- to large-scale and from simple to highly complex projects. DeMaCo operates in a wide range of international industrial markets such as (petro) chemical, gas, automotive, pharmaceutical, medical, research, university, food and space.

DeMaCo’s comprehensive range of products and systems consists of vacuum insulated piping, phase separators, valve boxes, multiple transfer lines, subcoolers, valves, monitoring & control systems, vacuum chambers, dewar filling stations and many other cryogenic related items.

DeMaCo is a high quality partner in solutions in cryogenics and vacuum technology and has been accredited ISO 9001, SCC**, ISO 3834-2 and PED H/H1.

E-mail: [email protected] Phone: +31 226 33 21 00