ISISAN has been serving its customers on the field of energy for half a decade by pressure vessels and process tanks. The success story of ISISAN started by the standard products like a heat exchanger, hot water boilers, etc. In 1980’s, ISISAN focused on the production of special pressure vessels with a comprehensive range of products, services and engineering for the distribution & storage of cryogenic liquefied gases such as, LIN/LOX/LAR/LCO2/LN2O and LPG. Today ISISAN has grown up to be the major manufacturer on the world market.

ISISAN exports 60% of its products to more than 60 different countries. Within the last few years we have added our engineering knowledge to our engineered pressure vessels, by this mean our goal is to establish a new brand under the name of ISISAN ENGINEERING. Until today, we have shipped and successfully commissioned “Engineered Vessel” to all over the world including Scandinavian Countries, ICS, as well as Europe.

ISISIAN designs, manufactures and assembles all of its products in accordance with international standards and has certifications from a worldwide range of inspection authorities.