BTI Coopermatics, a US-based technology and custom fabrication company with a global presence, has in-house design, development and manufacturing teams with proven expertise for standard and customised products to meet customer specifications. Its custom fabrication division is rendering cost-effective solutions in the field of cryogenics, chemical and affiliated industries. Customers find it valuable for one-stop-shopping, as Coopermatics offers engineering solutions for mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and control systems challenges across its many divisions.

Coopermatics Filtration Systems offers its standard product for efficient cooling fluid management at industrial machining centres. Its systems use pre-coat media filtration technology and have capacity ranges from 20 to several thousand GPM up to 5 microns particle size.

Bethlehem Heating Systems, a preferred supplier of process heaters within the chemical industry, is expanding to other areas like industrial gases. The company has a wide variety of standard products that meet industry performance standards over the last 60+ years, while its design and manufacturing teams accept custom heater challenges too.

Bethlehem Hydrogen offers hydrogen fuelling technology for the fuel cells industry. The company offers turnkey solutions through its design, manufacturing and field installation capabilities and has established its mark in the alternative fuel technology market since 2002, ensuring the safe handling of cryogenic and high pressure gaseous hydrogen.


InCryo Systems Pvt Ltd (an ISO 9001 AND OHSAS 18001 company) is one of the leading manufacturers of cryogenic vaporizers and industrial gas equipment. It nurtures a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers endowed with vast experience in their respective fields of the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of all types of cryogenic, medical and industrial gas equipment. This includes ambient air vaporizers, forced draft vaporizers, pressure building coils, LNG vaporizers, purging vaporizers, LIN/LOX/LAR/LNG switching systems, electrical vaporizers, steam bath vaporizers, high pressure oilfield nitrogen vaporizers, and other cryogenic products.

InCryo Systems’ manufacturing facility covers 65,000 sq.ft area, while the company also has a vast customer base in India and other countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan, Egypt, the US, and Italy, as well as a number of African countries.

InCryo Systems designs and manufactures all of its products in accordance with international standards, and produces its products under the inspection of agencies like Toyo, BVIS, IEI Japan, and more.

In addition to its standard product lines, the company offers custom engineering and integration solutions. InCryo Systems has the manufacturing and engineering capabilities in-house to offer its customers a wide range of solutions to meet their requirements for vaporization and related activities. Sourced from reliable vendors, InCryo Systems uses high quality raw material in the production of its complete range of products. Further, these products can be easily customised in accordance with client requirements and delivered on time.