While much is written about the possible applications for hydrogen as a future fuel, news from India describes a method for utilising waste water derived from fuel cell processes.

Indian company Bharat Petroleum has announced plans to bottle purified waste water from the manufacture of hydrogen fuel cells, and sell it at its fuelling stations across the nation.
In a country plagued by poor water quality and shortages across many regions, the company is keen to exploit high demand for pure bottled water, reports www.cleantechchina.com.

According to some estimates, as many as 1,600 Indians die every day as a result of water-borne diseases.

Bharat estimates that it will be able to produce 1 million metric tonnes of clean water for every 1000 MW of energy from hydrogen fuel cells. The state-run outfit has voiced tentative plans to establish a 1000 MW plant within the next three to five years.