Norit do Brazil has received an order from Usina Vale, a bioethanol distillery located in São Paulo State, Brazil. The distillery produces sugar and alcohol and intends to sell the CO2 it is now losing to the atmosphere.

The CO2 source is a sugar cane distillation process in which bioethanol is produced. The CO2 recovery system provided by Norit Haffmans enables Usina Vale to reduce carbon dioxide emissions while generating an additional source of income.

Norit Haffmans places a major focus on its solutions for ‘green CO2'. As a specialist in CO2 management, the company provides products and solutions to recover CO2 from fermentation processes – this includes early recovery from beer fermentation that adapts the recovery process to gain a higher CO2 yield.

Recovery from other fermentation sources such as distilleries and bioethanol plants is also possible, which enables those customers to generate food-grade CO2 that can be sold. With the Norit Haffmans’ system Usina Vale will not only be able to sell recovered CO2 for beverage and food applications, but also to recover more ethanol from the CO2 stream with Norit’s highly efficient gas washer, thus reducing the product losses.

Norit do Brazil Sales Manager Marcelo Rampazzo explained, “This is a great step for Norit do Brazil. This first Norit Haffmans CO2 recovery plant will open many doors, not only in the distillery market but also in the brewing industry.”

Start-up for the project is scheduled for July 2011 and the initial capacity will be 2 tonnes per hour (tph), gasworld understands. After the first harvest, the intention is to expand capacity to 4 tph.

“Moreover, in September we are planning to buy another recovery plant for the north-eastern site with an initial capacity of 2 tph. It shall start to operate in August 2012,$quot; added Pedro Menezes, CEO of Usina Vale.