Amidst gasworld’s seventh conference and second Latin America conference, we reveal a major cryogenic supply contract.

In what couldn’t be more illustrative of the growth potential in Latin America, we can reveal straight from the bounds of Rio de Janeiro’s Windsor Barra Hotel and gasworld’s seventh industrial gas conference, a significant new supply contract in the region.

VRV has just recently been awarded a key supply contract with a major industrial gas company in Brazil. According to the contract, VRV will supply specially designed super-size trailers that are optimised for Brazilian regulations at 53 tonne gross vehicle weight (GVW).

Michael Blondin, Global Sales & Marketing Director of VRV’s Cryogenic division expressed VRV’s positivity at this latest major contract: “VRV is proud to be offering the largest and safest trailers ever built for Brazil. This contract strengthens our position and allows us to build on our expertise in the South American market.”

VRV is set to provide three versions of the super-sized semi-trailers each optimised for LIN, LOX & LAR, with a capacity of up to 43,000 litres and a payload of up to 30 tons. The trailers constitute part of a larger range, optimised for 38 to 53 Ton GVW regulations based on the proven technology of VRV’s cryogenic semi-trailer, with robust stainless steel design including outer vessel, piping and valves.