Just this week, the US Aviation authority approved the use of biofuel blends in aircraft.

The decision was published via the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and allows airlines to fly passenger jets with derivatives of up to 50% biofuel made from feedstocks such as algae and woodchips.

As keen readers will be aware, biofuels are a topic close to the heart of industrial gases and a burgeoning growth avenue. Indeed, aviation and biofuels are a match already seeing actuality. A point illustrated on 29th June when Air France KLM Group operated the world’s first commercial flight using a cooking oil fuel blend.

On the same day, as Rob Cockerill reported, the Paris Air Show saw a new concept craft revealed. Named the ZEHST, (Zero Emission High Supersonic Transport), the craft offered onlookers a glimps into fuels of the future with its biofuel turbojet engines.

Stay tuned for a full analysis of this breakthrough legislation.