AFC Energy, the industrial fuel cell power company, is pleased to announce the successful operation of its first 101 fuel cell stack cartridge at an industrial gas facility in Germany.

Highlights include that initial gas flow, thermal management and consistency of individual fuel cell performance across the 101 cells was all in line with expectations. The trial was carried out in the UK and then shipped, installed and has operated in Gernany since 3rd March. The 101 fuel cell stack, housed within the new KORE system cartridge, affirms the engineering of the fundamental building block of AFC’s commercial fuel cell offering. The testing of 101 cells marks another successful advancement on the technology – as the last trial involved the test of 51 fuel cells.

Adam Bond, AFC’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “The rate of progress made by AFC’s technical team over the past three months in progressing beyond the 25 cell stack, through the 51 cell stack and up to a full complement of 101 fuel cells is unprecedented in AFC’s history. The milestone in our technology development places AFC in a strong position to now generate robust technical data that will support our aggressive commercialisation strategy.”

“I’m exceptionally proud of our technical team for the focus and positive response they have given to the extremely challenging timelines set when I accepted the role of CEO back in December. It continues to reassure my confidence in AFC’s leading alkaline fuel cell technology and positions us well for commercial deployment opportunities in the very near term,” Bond added.