Praxair Electronics has been chosen by Bridgelux, Inc, a leading US lighting company, to supply its Sunnyvale, California manufacturing facility with high purity ammonia.

A division of Praxair, Inc., Praxair Electronics will supply the facility with the high purity ammonia through the group’s SureFlow™ bulk supply system.

Praxair’s SureFlow system, with patented heat-control technology, can deliver sustained ammonia flow rates over 600 standard litres per minute - peaking at over 900 standard litres per minute. Since the supply system requires fewer cylinder change-outs, it helps reduce labour costs and improves safety and reliability.

Bridgelux Inc. is a US lighting company and leading supplier of energy-saving light-emitting diode (LED)-based light sources. The company’s Dr. Steven Lester, Director of Research and Development, explained, “Bridgelux is focused on the continuous advancement of our manufacturing processes and LED materials technologies to reduce cost and enable the mass adoption of LED-based solid-state lighting.”

“Market demand for our LED light sources is driving expansion of our manufacturing capacity. Praxair’s ability to supply our high-volume requirements using their bulk ammonia delivery system convinced us to choose Praxair as the most viable solution.”

Meanwhile, Praxair Electronics offers a complete portfolio of bulk and onsite gases, process gases, gas handling and distribution systems and services to the photovoltaic, display, and semiconductor markets – and the division’s President, Mark Murphy, proudly added, “We’re pleased to have been selected to meet Bridgelux’s increased high-purity ammonia requirements.”

“Praxair’s SureFlow bulk delivery system is designed to best address the technical challenges associated with bulk ammonia supply, and to deliver product safely and reliably at lower cost.”