Swiss gas sensor and analyser manufacturing company Bright Sensors has announced a strategic investment and collaboration with Germany-based Heinzmann Group.

Bright Sensors said the investment will provide the company with access to Heinzmann’s more than 120 years of technical leadership and expertise in product development and manufacturing, whilst simultaneously obtaining access to Heinzmann’s global sales network.

In return, Heinzmann will obtain access to Bright Sensors unique gas sensor technology, allowing for ultra-low cost, real time and accurate gas quality measurement.

Bright Sensors’ CEO Bart Riemens stated, “We are extremely proud to welcome Heinzmann as a strategic investor in our company since it demonstrates our technology is essential in a world that needs to decarbonise rapidly.”

“The support and expertise of Heinzmann is exactly what we need in the current phase of our young company.”

Heinzmann Group CEO Markus Gromer said, “On the way to decarbonisation, it is to be expected that the composition and consequent quality of the gaseous energy carriers offered will vary greatly.”

“With this strategic investment, Heinzmann s going to assist Bright Sensors in further development of technology for gas quality measurement which will become absolutely necessary in gas, combustion engines and gas turbine industries for achieving future environmental goals by use of ‘green’ fuels.”