Swiss gas sensor and analyser manufacturing company Bright Sensors has received a ten-year €835,000 (CHF 900,000) loan guarantee from the Technology Fund of the Swiss Government Federal Office for the Environment.

The ten-year loan guarantee enables Bright Sensors to further develop and globally market its gas sensor technology, allowing ultra-cost, real time and accurate gas quality measurement. 

Bart Riemens, Bright Sensors’ CEO, said, “We are extremely honoured to be awarded this loan guarantee by the Technology Fund. It proves the environmental benefits our technology offers.”

“This loan guarantee is a recognition of the long road behind us to commercialise our novel technology and the progress we made over the last five years since we spun off from EPFL.” 

“We now have two industrialised products to market and thanks to the support of the Technology Fund, we can expand our product line and start marketing our analysers globally.”

In a statement, the company said the credit line will be primarily used for the further development of its existing technology, enabling the combination of multiple measure principles with the same MEMs-based sensor cell.

The sensor cell allows to economically solve the technical challenge of increasing gas quality variation resulting from growing biomethane production blending in natural gas, while simultaneously improving the combustion efficiency.

Simone Riedel Riley, General Manager of the Technology Fund, said, “More and more enterprises look into improved operational efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

“We are therefore happy to support Bright Sensors, an innovative company for development, production and commercialisation of gas quality sensors that allow natural gas to be safer, cleaner, more efficient and enable decarbonisation.”