Netherlands-based Bronkhorst has launched its new mass flow control solution, the compact FLEXI-FLOW which combined through-chip-sensor with by-pass technology.

The multifunctional Mass Flow Controller utilises a through-chip-sensor and combines it with by-pass technology, enabling a high level of stability for flow control and settling times smaller than 150 ms (millisecond). 

35% smaller than traditional instruments, the compact thermal mass flow meters and controllers are suitable for flow ranges up to 20 ln/min. 

Source: Bronkhorst

According to Bronkhorst, its FLEXI-FLOW instruments are adaptable to many applications through their wide dynamic flow ranges (up to 1:1000), contributed to by integrated temperature and pressure sensors and an on-board gas database. 

The device’s connectivity options include a USB-C port and optional Bluetooth communication, with coloured LEDs indicating NAMUR status. 

“FLEXI-FLOW is available in 2 pre-configured models, as a built-to-order version, or as a customised, multi-channel solution, each including free and easy software tools for configuration, and for diagnostics and predictive maintenance,” added the company.