Established with an aim to become a leading energy solution provider, Brothers Gas Bottling and Distribution Co. LLC, Dubai, was incorporated in 1992.

We are pleased to have witnessed the realization of this goal and proudly claim to be amongst the leaders in this industry, providing total energy solutions to the consumers in UAE and other markets with range of range of products & services.

We specialize in the LPG, Industrial Gases, Other hydrocarbons like Propane, Butane, Speciality & Calibration Gases and Equipment’s , Medical Gases, Refrigerant Gases, Additives, Speciality Chemicals, Engineering, Design & Installations of LPG, Industrial & Medical systems, Welding & safety products and other energy related products & services.

Brothers Gas is proud of being a prominent player of energy solutions to the end users ranging from domestic, commercial and Industrial users and most of the UAE today benefits from the convenience, economy and safety generated by Brothers Gas.