INOXCVA is a leading manufacturer of Cryogenic Transportation Equipment and a global leader in LNG & Oil Field Equipment, with offices in U.S.A, India, Brazil, and Europe.  In the Cryogenic division, INOXCVA focuses on design & manufacture of vacuum insulated cryogenic tanks for storage, distribution and transportation of industrial gases. 

INOXCVA is a major force in the LNG and Oil & Gas Well Services market; from the natural gas well head to the end user’s LNG fuel tank.  INOXCVA manufactures Fluid Pumping Units, Frac Pumpers, Nitrogen Pumpers, Blenders, and more.  INOXCVA’s expertise in engineering & manufacturing continues to add satisfied customers with every delivery. INOXCVA’s in-house LNG Engineered Solutions Division creates state-of-the-art designs for Mobile & Stationary LNG Fuelling Equipment, LNG Bulk Storage, LNG Gasification Equipment, and LNG Transport Trailers. INOXCVA has the capacity to provide solutions across all key areas in the LNG value chain consisting of a comprehensive range of custom built end-to-end solutions that are engineered to provide reliable and safe systems.

INOXCVA’s Cryo scientific division works on futuristic projects undertaken with an objective of fundamental research & finding alternate energy solutions. They offer Turnkey Solutions & Developmental Initiatives for Cryogenics in Scientific & Industrial Research and Applications. The avenues include Satellite Launch Facilities, Cryogenic Propulsion Systems & Research, Cryogenic Process Technologies, Fusion (ITER), Accelerators (Cryomodules).

INOXCVA strives to deliver the best in quality, performance, timely delivery, and outstanding customer service. Industry Certifications: ISO 9001:2008, USDOT, WMI, NH TSA, NBIC, ASME (USTAMP), CGA, AWS, ADM, HPO, PED, and TPED. For specifications & pricing, contact us at [email protected] or visit at