Brunei Oxygen Company (Brunox), a joint partnership between French multinational industrial gas supplier Air Liquide and QAF Brunei, has launched the first multi-million-dollar air separation plant in Kuala Belait.

The plant is targeted to produce 40 tonnes of liquefied oxygen (O2), nitrogen (N2) and argon (Ar) to meet 60% of local demand with potential to be exported regionally.

Burnox has previously been importing gases to be supplied locally for industrial use. These include Ofor hospitals and construction, Nfor packing and freezing in manufacturing, and Ar for fire suppression systems.

The decision to build the plant was made in 2015 and was completed last April. It has been reported by local press after the ceremonial inauguration last week, that the plant is likely to supply the gases to Sabah and Sarawak next year.