After gasworld tackled the subject of distribution only last month, news reaches us that CryoGO has released new bulk trailer options, optimised to access narrow areas.
Independent Cryogenics, often known by the abbreviation, CryoGO, has launched its latest distribution solution, the CryoGO+ truck. The new vehicle is usually 100cm shorter than comparable volume ‘cigar’ designs. Furthermore, the unit is designed with minimal distance between the third axle and the end of the cabinet. This shorter, 214cm distance and reduced length offers improved access to conventional trailers.
Furthermore, CryoGO, has announced an option list offering still more access benefits. Take the Wabco OptiTurn axle as an example:
• If trailer speed reduces below 30 km/hour and a curve in the road is registered, load on the third axle is temporarily reduced. Consequently, the distance between the King Pin and the middle of the bogie is shortened by more than half a metre, resulting in a reduced turning circle and easier access.
• This offers an alternative to the heavier liftable third axle, or the more complex steerable axles.
• In addition, it reduces tyre wear on the third axle which improves the lifetime of the tyres.
Examples of CryoGO’s units and innovative technology can be found at the company’s website –