The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has approved Burch Tank & Truck, Inc. as a Designated Approval Agency.

The Michigan-based company is a bulk tank trailer manufacturer and maintenance centre which is now is authorised to do periodic testing of IM 101, IM 102 and UN Portable tanks on newly manufactured and existing tanks.

Tank inspections can be done at a customer’s location or at Burch Tank’s Midland, MI or Mount Pleasant, MI locations by fully trained and knowledgeable Burch Tank inspectors with over 20 years of industry experience. Tank inspections by approval agencies are critical within the tank industry to ensure a safe product.

“This adds a level of service supporting portable tanks for Burch Tank, that we did not have before,” said Steve Novak, of Burch’s sales, service and safety.

“It is similar to what we have currently with our CT Facility for manufacturing, repair, modification, testing and inspection capabilities of cargo tanks but with the emphasis on portable tanks. It presents a well-rounded suite of services aimed at ensuring the safe transportation of bulk liquids on the road, rail and ocean.”

According to the US DOT, any damaged or deteriorated tanks must be retested before returning to service. Any tank that has not been used to transport hazmat - dangerous substances and materials - for a period of one year or more may not be returned to hazmat service until it has been tested.

Burch Tank & Truck, Inc. was established 1990, manufacturing tanks for the agricultural, chemical, crude oil, petroleum, ISO and industrial gas industries.