Burch Tank has opened its new parts store in Michigan, making access to parts more convenient for customers.

Burch Parts Store is based on the same campus as the manufacturing and headquarters facilities.

The company’s parts store will be stocked with all major wear items needed to keep Burch Tanks up and running along with parts for other brands.

“Moving to the new location allows customers to stop and see the manufacturing facility, while picking up parts for their tanks. It gives employees more opportunities to interact with all customers,” said Jeff Harrison, CEO of Burch Tank and Tuck, Inc.

“It also helps to stream line the manufacturing process by not having to travel so far to supply parts to the manufacturing floor,” Harrison continued.

The new facility is located at 2145 Enterprise Dr, in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

Burch Tank & Truck Inc. has been a leader in the tank industry since 1990, manufacturing tanks for the agricultural, chemical, crude oil, petroleum, ISO and industrial gas industries.