Burckhardt Compression Holding AG has appointed Rainer Dübi as its new President of the Services Division, and a member of the Executive Board.

Dübi has worked at Burckhardt Compression since 2003 and is familiar with the company’s reciprocating compressor manufacturing and services business. Dübi has served as the Head of Design and Manufacturing since 2012 and is a member of the Systems Division management team.

Prior to that, Dübi served as a Market Segment Manager for Compressor Sales and a Manger in the Sizing Department at Burckhardt Compression.

“Rainer Dübi has held various management roles during his more than 15 years with Burckhardt Compression. The Services Division will benefit from his broad industry knowledge,” said Marcel Pawlicek, CEO of Burkhardt Compression Group.

Dübi has a medical engineering degree from the Winterthur School of Engineering and obtained a master’s degree in advanced studies of Business Administration.