Following the stepping down of previous CEO Marcel Pawlicek, Burckhardt Compression (Burckhardt)’s Board of Directors has selected its new CEO, Fabrice Billard.

Having led the company’s Systems business since 2016 and equipped with a Master’s degree in Aeronautics & Space Technologies, Billard headed global customer services at Sulzer’s Pumps division before taking on the helm at its Chemtech Mass Transfer Business.

Following employment in Singapore’s hydrocarbon processing industry, he joined Burckhardt’s Systems Division as President, in addition to becoming the ‘key driver’ of the company’s Hydrogen Mobility and Energy initiative. 

Stating that the Board is ‘very pleased’ to have found a successor at Burckhardt’s CEO, Ton Büchner, Chairman of the Board, added, “Fabrice Billard’s leadership skills and his knowledge of both the project driven Systems business as well as the Services activities, in our relevant markets, will make him perfectly suitable to bring Burckhardt Compression forward into the next stage of its ongoing success.” 

“We thank Marcel very much for his more than 40 years of service, the last ten as CEO of the company.” 

Pawlicek will be considered for inclusion to the board in the AGM 2023 and Billard’s tenure as CEO is set to begin on 1stApril, 2022.