Modernisation of Burckhardt Compression’s training centre at its headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland, means hands on training and theoretical education can now be offered to customers using the Laby® Process Gas and Hyper Compressor.

The new training centre, with a surface area of approximately 300 square metres, offers a wide variety of training options covering all aspects relating to the compressor technology, efficient maintenance and operational compressor reliability.

It is located at the company’s headquarters next to the main building where the compressors are engineered and manufactured.

In order to meet the requirements of customers that operate either Laby®, Process Gas or Hyper Compressors, Burckhardt Compression has expanded the range of compressors available for hands-on practice in its training centre.

Additionally, the facility has been modernised, bringing an efficient and comfortable environment to the training location.

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Burckhardt Compression has experienced and highly qualified reciprocating compressor experts who can provide tailor-made theoretical education and practical courses.

The chief training instructors gained extensive knowledge in compressor operation, optimisation and efficient compressor trouble-shooting on international jobs, and have a broad technical background.

Attendees of the inaugural trainings have provided positive feedback. Mr Mehmet Fatih Yavuz, Maintenance Manager for Petkim said, “For me as an operator it is essential that our Process Gas and Hyper Compressor have a high availability and reliability to ensure production on our LDPE plant.

Therefore, I need to know the equipment well and train different situations that might occur on training compressors. I was very satisfied with the Burckhardt Compression Training. Further, I got a nice impression of Switzerland, their multicultural people and the city of Winterthur.”

Courses include hands-on and theoretical training, emphasising machine operation, safety, maintenance, reliability, trouble-shooting based on actual case studies, manual instructions and compressor parts.

On customer’s enquiries Burckhardt Compression is also able to offer special trainings, combined with its partners Prognost Systems GmbH, MT Sealing Technology and Sulzer Innotec, all near its facility.

Burckhardt Compression offers also on-site classroom and workshop trainings containing the same subjects.