Compressor technology specialist Burckhardt Compression (Burckhardt) will expand its worldwide distribution offering following its entry into a strategic partnership with US-based company KB Delta.

Effective from January 1st, 2022, Burckhardt will be responsible for global distribution for KB Delta’s product portfolio of compressor valve parts, in addition to acting as its service partner. 

Commenting on the agreement, Rainer Duebi, President Services Division, Burckhardt, stated that it will allow its customers to gain access to high quality products with short delivery times. 

Ring valves for KBDelta

Ring valves for KBDelta

The agreement marks the latest milestone in the partners’ long-standing relationship, with KB Delta providing products to Burckhardt over the past several years. 

“KB Delta is proud to work even closer with Burckhardt in the future,” said George Giourof, COO, KB Delta. 

“KB Delta will have access to new markets and countries thanks to Burckhardt’s extensive sales network.”