One of the projects to win support from the Hungarian government is the ‘Aquamarine’ project, a hydrogen plant in an underground gas storage facility owned by Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd that will see a Diaphragm Compressor system manufactured by Burckhardt Compression used in the hydrogen compression process.

Manufactured at Burckhardt Compression in Shenyang, China, the compressor will be shipped to GanzAir Compressortechnics in Hungary as a skidded compression unit. This unit includes lube oil system, motor, gas cooler, instrumentation and control system and a closed cooling water loop with air cooler.

An industrial-scale experiment is to be conducted as part of the ‘Aquamarine’ project for the long-term storage of hydrogen in underground gas storage at pressures above 100 bar to reduce storage volume. In addition, the Diaphragm Compressor will be used to compress the hydrogen from 30 to 250 – 300 bar.

Capable of compressing hydrogen at a high pressure while ensuring high purity, the MD10-L system is specifically designed for hydrogen applications.

With over 30 years of experience, GanzAir producers standard industrial and special units, such as gas compressors for upstream and compressed natural gas (CNG), brake compressors for locomotives and other vehicles, starter compressors for ship diesels and for emergency gensets.