Compressor manufacturer Burckhardt Compression (Burckhardt) has provided a comprehensive overhaul service for marine transportation company Teekay LNG.

Undertaken as part of a long-term service agreement between the two companies, the ‘time-critical’ project involved the scheduled maintenance of a Laby-GI BOG compressor on one of Teekay LNG’s vessels. 

Burckhardt’s Laby-GI BOG compressors supply fuel to the main and auxiliary engines in addition to the reliquification system and the gas combustion unit. 

The scheduled maintenance of the BOG compressor.

The scheduled maintenance of the BOG compressor.

The vessel ‘Creole Spirit’ uses boil-off gas (BOG) for fuel in its dual fuel propulsion system and its scheduled maintenance was planned years in advance, involving hundreds of specialist technicians and engineers. 

This team was coordinated by Burckhardt while maintenance occurred on the compressor skid in the compressor machinery room. 

The process was completed within the specific 13 days in Singapore and took place with no reported incidents.