Leading compressor technology company Burckhardt Compression (Burckhardt) has announced its CEO, Marcel Pawlicek, will be stepping down after ten years as its CEO and nearly 40 years with the company.

Burckhardt states that its succession process for the CEO position will be transparent and well-planned.

Starting out at the company in 1982 as a Design Engineer, Pawlicek spent time working in the US and was part of the management team when the company became independent and went public on the Swiss stock exchange in 2006.

Following his appointment as CEO in 2011, Pawlicek’s expertise contributed heavily to Burckhardt’s acquisition of compressor company Arkos, in addition to providing important strategic improvements.

The Board and Pawlicek will continue the search for internal and external candidates until the end of the year, with a plan to have a replacement for April 2022. A proposal is being considered to include Pawlicek in the Board.