CO2 is its world... and has been for more than 120 years. BUSE’s competence remains in its CO2 business that enjoys recognition in international markets and regards to a closed competence chain, that has been earned over 120 years – from a German mineral water producer to a gas producer and distributor, right up to a reputable engineering and service specialist for the gases and beverage industry.

In 1883, Rudolf Ehrenfried Buse began producing mineral water and carbon dioxide from a spring in Gerolstein (Germany, Eifel), laying the foundation for the modern day company bearing his name, BUSE.

Today, fourth generation members of the Buse family remain an important part of the BUSE company. With headquarters in Bad Hönningen, Germany, BUSE has extended its reach far beyond mineral water and successfully supplies CO2 plants, related equipment, engineering, and services.

Plant manufacture & service provider
Within the BUSE Group, BUSE Gastek take the position of the CO2 plant manufacturer with international engineering competence.

BUSE Gastek supplies worldwide standardised or customised CO2 recovery plants and CO2 production plants for the industrial gases and beverage industry. The range of products extends from design and construction of CO2 storage tanks, to different types of vaporisers for CO2 and other gases.

In the facilities in Steinheim-Bergheim and Bad Hönningen, BUSE offers comprehensive maintenance service for industrial gas companies including overhauling and repair of PU-insulated and vacuum insulated tanks of all sizes for CO2 and for other industrial gases (N2, O2, H2, Ar, etc.) in accordance with customers’ requirements and latest standards for certification.

Dry ice technologies & cryogenic freezing
For many years, BUSE has become a leading supplier of dry ice equipment such as pelletisers and dry ice block presses.

BUSE designs and delivers individual machines, as well as complete and automatised dry ice production lines according to client’s specification, including CO2 storage tanks, dry ice presses and special units for recovery of the CO2 – off-gas arising during dry ice production.

The latest development is a high-performance dry ice reformer BJU which enables the efficient and large scale production of dry ice blocks using dry ice pellets or small fragments as resource. By using special tools, the reformer additionally provides the possibility of producing special block ice dimensions, as well as big production capacities up to 500 kg/h.

BUSE has also developed a full range of dry ice blasting machines which are used for industrial cleaning using 3mm dry ice pellets as cleaning medium. This highly effective and environmental friendly method removes the dirt layer without damaging the surface. In many cases, machines can be cleaned even without being dismantled saving costs and time.

Cryogenic freezing plants from BUSE are in use in many places for food processing and other areas like cryogenic preservation, where high freezing rates are required. With the efficient freezing plants from BUSE, the refrigerants nitrogen and carbon dioxide, as cryogenic liquefied gases, are used in direct contact with food. The product range comprises small cabinet freezers for use in R&D as well as large scale spiral and tunnel freezers for the food industry.

Plant operator & international trading company
BUSE operates its own CO2 plants and therefore knows exactly how to build such plants. The BUSE subsidiaries BUSE Gaz in Romania and BUSE Mak in Macedonia produce and extract carbon dioxide from industrial and natural sources, and markets the gas to beverage producers and customers in southeastern Europe.

BUSE Rijntechniek located in Arnheim, Netherlands offers a comprehensive service package for the maintenance, overhauling and inspection of gas cylinders of all types.

In addition, the product range is completed with gas cylinder filling with inert gases, sales of hand-held fire extinguishers, sales of high pressure gas cylinders and accessories.