Butler Gas Products has appointed Abydee Butler Moore as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Jesse Pitell as Vice-President of Finance in 2018.

Abydee Butler Moore, COO

Abydee Butler Moore, COO

In her role of Executive Vice-President and COO, Moore oversees the business’s strategic plan, internal and external marketing efforts, sales, customer service, and operations. Moore serves as the integrator in the company’s operating system leading Vice-Presidents Sandy Gobrish, Heather Ferrand, and Bob Urie. Moore acquired 20% of Butler Gas Products in 2015.

Jesse Pitell, Vice-Preseident of finance

Jesse Pitell, Vice-President of Finance

Pitell, in his promotion to Vice-President of Finance, is responsible for upgrading financial capabilities and performance throughout Butler Gas Products. Pitell leads the management-by-fact process as he collects and models data for sustainable continuous improvement in all business units throughout the company.

This year also marks the organisation’s 70th anniversary and the company’s succession through three generations of family ownership.