Butler Gas Products, an independent packaged gas manufacturer and distributor, has redesigned its internal cylinder change of service process to fully comply with the Compressed Gas Association’s (CGA’s) new standards for operational excellence.

The CGA’s C-10 Guidelines to Prepare Cylinders and Tubes for Gas Service and Changes in Gas Service affects cylinders with capacities from 0.5 litres to 454 litres, as well as tubes up to 3,000 litres that are fabricated in accordance with specifications defined by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Canadian Transport Commission (CTC) or Transport Canada (TC).


Source: Butler Gas


As a result, the US-based business will send cylinders for retesting in the event of a request for cylinder change of service or an appropriate CGA valve change. A statement from the company explained, “Even within the general classification, it must be determined that the prior gas service did not contribute to any contamination, cracks, corrosion or rust within the cylinder wall.”

“Our Butler Gas Products mission boldly pledges that we are a safe, customer-focused manufacturer and distributor of packaged gas products and profitable solutions.”

“We have an uncompromising safety commitment and have partnered with the CGA to continuously improve our packaged gas processes.”