Butler Gas Products, a US-based manufacturer and distributor, is supplying Pittsburgh’s Research and Education organisations with innovative solutions for packaged gas supplies.

The Pennsylvanian corporation provides the mid-Atlantic region’s research and education facilities with a local supply source for compressed gases, by delivering pure and specialty gas mixtures used to operate and calibrate analytical instruments, and supplying cryogenic liquid, cryogenic freezers and dry ice.

Additionally, all Butler Gas Products cylinders are tracked and managed by CYLTRAK Asset Tracking – a system that organises cylinder inventory information by department, making it easier to allocate budget or grant dollars by individual sector for universities.

The CYLTRAK system also sends lab technicians expiration date email alerts for critical gas mixes, and allows online access to view cylinder inventory information.

A spokesperson for the company highlighted that the business believes, “Industrial, specialty, and fuel gases are essential to the livelihood of research and educational institutions.”

The company has also strategically focused its energy on strengthening its technical sales presence by recruiting a new Store Manager at its Penn Hills, Verona facility. The employee, known only as Josh, recently qualified as a Certified Welding Educator (CWE) and has a further 20 certifications in various applications, such as bridge construction, millwork, and complete fabrication.