Technology by CO2 removal specialist C-Capture has been successfully awarded accreditation under the BP 2020 Advancing Low Carbon accreditation programme.

C-Capture has a unique, solvent-based technology which can be deployed on most industrial processes requiring CO2 separation from other gases, including power stations, industrial plants, hydrogen production facilities, and bio- or natural gas upgrading plants.

The technology uses a new class of capture solvents that are not classified as hazardous, are inexpensive, and can be manufactured on a large scale from biological sources.

C-Capture’s technology uses 40% less energy consumption than current commercially available technologies and has the potential to significantly reduce the cost per tonne of CO2 capture.

Tom White, CEO of C-Capture, said, “We are delighted to have received ALC accreditation from BP following a rigorous assessment.”

“Due to the unique nature of our solvent, our technology is able to offer significant commercial advantages over those currently available, including lower energy requirements and avoidance of expensive construction materials.”

“We are proud to be one of the companies in the BP portfolio playing a role in a crucial area and supporting its net zero ambition.”