CAIRE Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chart Industries, has implemented a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy on its products in order to “successfully compete in the marketplace and maintain its premium brand image.”

The MAP Policy took effect from 1st September and applies to CAIRE’s respiratory product line sold to customers in the US. It is applicable to all distributors, retailers and resellers who advertise or sell CAIRE products over the internet in the States.

George Coppola, CAIRE Director of Marketing, explained, “Advertising and sales practices that promote our products primarily on the basis of price is harmful to our brand and reputation as a provider of premier, quality oxygen (O2) products, preferred by patients, physicians and providers the world over.”

“The MAP Policy was adopted to protect customers’ confidence in the quality of our products. This policy is designed to encourage and support resellers who provide customers with strong pre and post-sales service and support.”