CAIRE is celebrating a major achievement, having confirmed that its FreeStyle® Comfort® portable oxygen concentrator has outperformed other similar devices in a recent study designed to assess the effectiveness of delivering oxygen to patients.

The ‘Comparison of portable oxygen concentrators using COPD patient simulation model’ study was conducted by multiple nursing and professionals at George State University, compared the oxygen output of eight competitive devices, along with control group systems, and assessed their ability based on real-life use.


Source: CAIRE

Results from the study demonstrated the CAIRE FreeStyle® Comfort® achieved higher FiO2, the percentage or concentration of oxygen a person inhales, compared to all other portable oxygen contractors, in seven out of the eight scenarios.

Barry Hassett, Vice-President of Global Marketing at CAIRE, said, “Portable oxygen concentrators are intended to allow patients to maintain a more active lifestyle despite the constraints which COPD or other respiratory conditions might introduce.”

“The FreeStyle Comfort was specifically designed to optimise oxygen delivery in situations where the patient is not at rest in order to enable them to comfortably enjoy life outside the home. This study confirms that the FreeStyle Comfort meets those objectives – ensure patients get the oxygen they need when the need it.”

CAIRE’s FreeStyle® Comfort® was first introduces in 2018 and has since earned great recognition. Offering smart oxygen delivery features, the FDA-cleared FreeStyle Comfort offers UltraSenseâ sensitive breath detection, autoDOSE safety technology, and can be connected to the myCAIREä telehealth solution.