CAIRE Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chart Industries, has revamped and “made major improvements” to three of its portable oxygen (O2) concentrators following constructive comments from consumers.

George Coppola, Director of Marketing at the US-based unit, emphasised, “The move by CAIRE to make this change is the culmination of feedback from our trusted providers and the patients they serve. They spoke and we listened.”

Air sep free style and free style 5 product photo caire portable o2 oxygen concentrator range cropped

The functional and aesthetic developments affect its AirSep®, FreeStyle® and FreeStyle 5TM devices.

Their power supply connections have been redesigned to feature robust metal connectors, as well as now utilising a front-loading, user-replaceable battery for convenience.

Coppola explained, “The upgrade to include a user-replaceable battery allows users to charge batteries on the go for long durations without the need for a bulky airbelt or external cartridge, allowing them to stay active longer.”

CAIRE has also visibly altered the devices to feature a light grey and blue palette, along with a new black carrying bag for added accessory space, such as additional batteries.


CAIRE is a globally recognised brand in O2 therapy, manufacturing a broad spectrum of portable O2 concentrators, stationary O2 concentrators and liquid O2 therapy systems.