MESA Specialty Gas and Equipment (MESA), has announced the formal launch of its new disposable calibration gas website, an e-commerce based website allowing end users to purchase calibration gases by credit card or company purchase order.

Strategically located in Southern California, MESA Specialty Gas and Equipment is a manufacturer and global supplier of highly accurate specialty gas and calibration gas standards and according to a report from, the new site brings a broad range of products to end-users.

Mark Tyssee, Vice President of MESA, comented, $quot;Our main objectives for were two fold. One, we needed to ensure a broad range of products were available to end users. Second, the site must be easy to navigate and to use. This is not an easy task considering we offer hundreds of variations of available products.$quot;

$quot;We worked closely with customers to obtain their ideas during the developmental stage of the new calibration gas website and we think we did a good job in achieving our objectives.$quot;

Next the report notes, MESA plans to launch a new e-commerce website for gas detectors to compliment the current calibration gas website.

This is affirmed as Tyssee explains, $quot;This is the next logical phase for our organisation. Providing gas detection equipment will allow our customers to consolidate vendors and accountability down to a single, knowledgeable, reliable vendor.$quot;

$quot;Our highly trained staff members can provide technical support that is not available through the large distribution channels that try to provide a very broad selection of products and manufacturers. These unfocused distribution channels often offer little or no expertise to back up the products. These items are there to protect the life of workers, guessing about the best product for an application is not an option for us.$quot;

Additional products provided by MESA include instrument grade support gases, calibration gas in small disposable cylinders and gas handling equipment.