HyRadix and SunLine Transit Agency have celebrated the successful installation and commercial operation of the first, large-scale hydrogen facility in the United States using commercialised technology available for third-party refuelling purposes.

The event was held at SunLine\\$quot;s facility in Thousand Palms, California and was attended by dignitaries, media and interested business parties.

\\$quot;This is a celebration of research to reality and realising the potential of hydrogen as a genuine alternative fuel,\\$quot; said Mikel Oglesby, SunLine general manager. \\$quot;Our partnership with HyRadix serves as a shining example of what can be achieved with government support for technology research in developing a feasible energy solution for our country.\\$quot;

The relationship between SunLine and HyRadix began with the installation of a prototype HyRadix Adéo™ hydrogen fuel generator in 2004, which was funded through the U.S. Department of Energy and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). Based on the success of the project, HyRadix was awarded a contract this summer to install a commercial Adéo hydrogen fuel generator to support future plans for the expansion of SunLine\\$quot;s hydrogen fleet. The new system was installed in August.

\\$quot;We are pleased with the progress HyRadix and SunLine have made over the last three years to bring hydrogen fuel as a viable and available energy source to the Coachella Valley region and the state of California,\\$quot; said HyRadix CEO Robert L. Gray, Jr.\\$quot;

Other highlights of the event included remarks by Riverside County 4th district supervisor Roy Wilson, who also serves as vice chairman of the SCAQMD Governing Board and is a member of the SunLine board of directors.

\\$quot;This is a day that demonstrates research to reality,\\$quot; said Wilson. \\$quot;And the SCAQMD is pleased to be a part of this celebration.\\$quot;

Catherine Dunwoody, executive director of the California Fuel Cell Partnership, also attended the event in support of SunLine and HyRadix. She said: \\$quot;Today we celebrate a commercial success \\$quot;“ the HyRadix Adéo reformer producing hydrogen fuel every day right here at SunLine,\\$quot; said Dunwoody.