Encore Welding and Industrial Supply, LLC has renamed itself Encore Gas & Supply as part of the California-based distributor’s “mission for the future”.

After significant growth in the last five years, Encore said in a statement the rebrand is a reflection of the company’s “evolution during that period and the growing number of diverse industries it serves”.

Encore offers specialty and industrial gases and a comprehensive selection of welding, industrial and safety products and equipment from its headquarters in Signal Hill, in the Greater Los Angeles area.

“When we started this business in 2014, we catered almost exclusively to welding and construction, particularly to those companies serving infrastructure and energy,” said Encore’s Co-Founder and President, Ben Anderson.

“Since then, while our commitment to and market share in those core areas have continued to grow, we have also experienced tremendous diversification in the number and type of industries we serve on a day-to-day basis.”

Encore Gas & Supply

Anderson attributes much of this diversification to Encore’s ongoing investment in the company’s gas distribution side of the business.

Encore built a brand new, state-of-the-art specialty and industrial gas distribution hub in Signal Hill in 2017 and the company’s fleet has more than tripled in size.

Encore has recently begun microbulk services with the installation of large tanks of argon, nitrogen and/or oxygen onsite at customer properties on a temporary or long-term basis.

Encore has also launched a new campaign highlighting and honoring many of the individual industries and local organisations the company serves. The new campaign – titled ‘We Serve’ – will be most highly visible on the company’s delivery fleet, which has recently been redesigned and upgraded. Each side of each vehicle now pays homage to a different industry served by Encore, such as motorsports, manufacturing, construction, aerospace, bioscience, tech sector and the energy sector.

“From manufacturing to motorsports, from analytic labs to bioscience labs, from some of the most innovative and well-known companies in the exciting new commercial space launch industry to some of the largest and highest profile construction projects in Southern California – and always, of course, our old friends in welding, infrastructure and the energy sector,” said Anderson.

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