Mitsubishi Corporation has expressed its support for Blue Planet, a Californian company working to develop and commercialise a scalable solution for CO2 mitigation that is both economically and technically sustainable.

The Japanese chemicals company today said it will provide funding to Blue Planet and also announced the formation of a new industry partnership which will work to commercialise the company’s technologies.

Since its founding in 2012, Blue Planet has been developing its technologies, one of which, captures CO2 emissions from power plants and other facilities to create CO2-sequestered aggregates.

Another technology developed by the company makes effective use of industrial waste, including demolished and unused returned concrete to produce upcycled aggregates. Both of the technologies have already been used in the construction of an interim boarding area at San Francisco International Airport.

As part of the newly developed partnership, the two companies said they will conduct a feasibility project on the possible applications in Silicon Valley unit fiscal year 2021, after which they hope to make the technologies commercially available.


Source: Mitsubishi Corporation