Caloric has boosted its position in the Indonesian market after securing the deal to build a hydrogen plant for a local supplier of technical gases.

This deal marks the fourth hydrogen plant that will be built by Caloric in Indonesia – in the last four years.

The design capacity of the plant is 1,000 Nm3/h hydrogen. The steam reforming process is based on natural gas as feedstock and is completed by a CO-Shift reaction and pressure swing adsorption to ensure the highest purity, of 99,9999%, hydrogen.

Caloric´s steam reformer plant is distinguished by a superior operability level, which it achieves by using only one top fired burner. The advantages comprise fully automatic operation including igniting of the burner, extremely flexible plant control and even heat distribution that enables longer lifetime of the reformer catalyst and reformer pipes.

Caloric uses this reformer configuration for steam reforming units supplying up to 6,500 Nm3/h. Plants with higher capacities are designed with two reformers in parallel.