The CALVERA Group, a high-pressure gas storage and transport specialist, has setup its new Calvera Hydrogen division as part of a global change of strategy.

Although specific financial details were not disclosed, a press release from the Spanish corporation stated the overhauled image stemmed from “a large financial investment and development of its human capital.”

Through this new business unit, CALVERA will offer specialised solutions based on the use of hydrogen (H2) as an energy carrier. Specifically, the company will offer technical and manufacturing capabilities to a variety of international technology companies that are currently developing H2 refuelling stations and electrolysis or fuel cell applications.

CALVERA has undergone an organisational strategic change…in order to meet the demands from the diverse sectors our equipment caters for

As part of its strategic restructuring, the company is now divided into three main segments, also consisting of CALVERA Industrial Gases and CALVERA Gas Technology sectors.

Its Industrial Gases unit is the traditional and core business line of the group and fundamentally assists companies with high-pressure gas transport and storage solutions; particularly, H2 and compressed natural gas (CNG).

Finally, its Gas Technology business unit is focused on introducing CNG as a viable alternative to diesel fuels and liquefied gas from petroleum, utilising decompression technology equipment.

The press release confirmed, “CALVERA has undergone an organisational strategic change based on its specialisation in different fields, in order to meet the demands from the diverse sectors our equipment caters for.”

The CALVERA Group will showcase its H2 storage and transport equipment during the World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC) 2016, taking place from 13th-16th June in Zaragosa, Spain.