Following the launch of the company’s fully automated Rapidox calibration station in March 2014, Cambridge Sensotec was commissioned by a prestigious aviation engineering company to design a mobile version to incorporate the full functionality of the fixed system.

The customer uses Rapidox 2100 zirconia oxygen analysers integrated into their metal heat treatment presses, in order to identify residual levels of oxygen within the process and eliminate any oxidation of the product. It is essential, for the purposes of quality control and traceability, that the analysers are able to be calibrated at regular intervals and more conveniently on-site.

As the customers heat treatment presses were situated across a vast manufacturing site, the Rapidox mobile calibration trolley was designed to make the calibration procedure more efficient. Collaboration in designing the trolley with Cambridge Sensotec has enabled the customer to transport the system to each individual metal press in order to carry out the essential service.

Features include; the testing of oxygen or other gases on three separate channels, separate calibration across each channel to prevent cross contamination and continuous pressurisation of pipework to minimise changeover time. Bespoke PC software allows for the automatic calibration of Rapidox gas analysers, however the system is also configured to work manually for other gas analysers.

Regular calibration of all gas analysis and gas detection equipment is recommended at intervals of six months, in order to ensure accurate performance. Cambridge Sensotec offer a professional in-house calibration service, carried out by fully trained technicians, for a wide range of equipment.