Cambridge Sensotec has introduced the Rapidox 1100 oxygen (O2) gas analyser, a device to be used in gas examination when using glove box applications.

The Rapidox 1100 oxygen (O2) gas analyser has proved to be a cost-effective option for use in various glove box applications. It is available in a number of configurations and features fully programmable alarm circuits, analogue outputs and complete data-logging software.

The analyser is fitted with a zirconia O2 sensor, providing fast and accurate analysis over a range of 1 parts per million (ppm) to 100%, making it ideal for the evaluation of high temperature applications such as combustion or metal heat treatment, within a glove box environment.

Glove boxes are often used in experiments to create appropriate atmospheres in order to prevent any unwanted reactions from occurring, usually by introducing inert gases such as argon (Ar), helium (He) and nitrogen (N2). Hazardous or sensitive materials are commonly handled using this method.

O2 analysis within glove boxes is essential in order to ensure that the atmosphere is maintained within the chamber and to identify any leakages present. Typical uses for glove boxes include chemical and sample storage, welding, pharmaceutical handling and semiconductor manufacturing.

Cambridge Sensotec is a distributor for a range of gas detection equipment.