Specialised gas analysis corporation, Cambridge Sensotec, has upgraded its most popular analyser – the Rapidox 1100.

The device now features a new OLED screen, providing four lines of displayed information as well as offering improved visibility. The instrument has also been revamped with a blue fascia design for easy identifiability.

Additionally, the Rapidox 1100Z models now include an updated zirconia planar sensor for low ppm O2 gas measurements, providing a more effective sensor heater design, faster responses and increased service life.

Upgraded rapidox 1100 o2 oxygen analyser cambridge sensotec

The addition of an internal pressure sensor regulates small changes in gas pressure and ensures stable readings, whilst a long-life pump draws in sample gas at adjustable flow rates.

The UK-based business stressed, “The Rapidox 1100 O2 gas analyser continues to be the company’s best-selling and versatile instrument due to its accurate and reliable service for over 15 years. Cambridge Sensotec is proud to announce a new design for the gas analyser with exciting enhancements.”

The Rapidox 1100 analyser can also be used to control an external proportional flow control (PFC) valve – regulating gas levels based on O2 measurements via this control function is typically used in inert gas blanketing applications.

Other variations of the model include a three-channel multiplex version, allowing for three gas streams to be sampled from separate points.