A comprehensive codes and standards project is to be developed to support the implementation of a commercial hydrogen infrastructure.

Agreements have been signed by NextEnergy based in Detroit and three of the largest car manufacturers – DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company and General Motors – in a project which is part of a broader US Department of Energy scheme announced last year.

The codes and standards project will assist states to prepare government agencies to establish a foundation to oversee hydrogen fuel used in the transportation sector. Next Energy will facilitate the project in the State of Michigan and will aim to develop best practices to support a unified, national approach to codes and standards.

As part of the programme, NextEnergy will develop templates for hydrogen fuelling station design, maintenance and emergency response. The non-profit making corporation will also work with the car manufacturers and the Department of Energy to host an annual conference on hydrogen codes and standards issues, recommendations and progress to include reports based on data collected throughout the project.

Chief executive officer of NextEnergy, James Croce, said: \\$quot;We're pleased to partner with Detroit's Big Three to support the development of codes and standards for commercial hydrogen infrastructure. These partnerships will facilitate a mutual sharing of ideas and expertise towards the development of an important element of our nation's need for increased energy diversity.\\$quot;

And he explained that a database will also be developed and maintained to be used to document experiences in securing permits for construction, operation and use of publicly accessibly hydrogen infrastructure facilities.

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