After gasworld had gone green for its April issue, we’ve learned from a report by the Global CCS Institute that the global commitment to carbon capture and storage (CCS) remains strong and projects are progressing.

The global commitment to CCS technologies remains strong, according to The Global Status of CCS: 2010 report released by the Global CCS Institute at the start of March.

The report identifies 234 active or planned CCS projects ranging across technologies, project types and sectors at the end of 2010, a net increase of 21 projects since the previous year. Of these, 77 are fully integrated, large-scale projects demonstrating the full CCS value chain.

CCS projects are largely seen as a key component in an environmentally friendly, future green society – as illustrated in gasworld’s April (2011) magazine. Funding, investment and governmental support are often cited as challenges to CCS projects, but the report from the Global CCS Institute appears to suggest that such challenges are being embraced, if not overcome.

“In addition to this project activity governments continued to pursue the development of policy, regulatory and legal frameworks to support CCS projects,” said the Institute’s Interim CEO, John Hartwell.

He added, “Looking ahead, the Institute anticipates that during 2011 a number of projects will have completed concept definition studies and be in a position to move to the next stage of development.”

Project developments are being driven by the significant support offered by governments across the globe. As much as $40bn could be available to have large-scale projects up and running this decade, the report claims.

The report also highlights areas where more work needs to be done to accelerate CCS, including greater characterisation of global storage options and reducing costs.

Reports from the institute can be found online at: