The Carbon Capture Coalition welcomes the introduction of new legislation crucial to the success and proliferation of carbon capture technology.

On the 13th February 2019, the U.S. House of Representatives implemented the Utilising Significant Emissions with Innovative Technologies (USE IT) Act (H.R. 1166). 

Coalition Co-Directors Jeff Bobeck and Brad Crabtree commented, “Today’s introduction of the USE IT Act in the US House is the latest indication of the growing bipartisan and bicameral support for boosting carbon capture technology development and deployment. We thank Congressmen Peters and McKinley and all of the cosponsors for their leadership in advancing this vital, common-sense legislation.”

The USE IT Act contains several key provisions including: establishing a $25m prize programme for early stage direct air capture research and demonstration; providing $50m in federal funding for research and development of new uses of captured carbon; and facilitating planning, siting and permitting of infrastructure to transport carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial facilities and power plants to locations where it can be utilised and geologically stored.

“As we know from numerous recent national and international studies, economy-wide adoption of carbon capture technologies will be critical to meeting mid-century emissions reductions goals. And building out America’s carbon capture infrastructure will boost economic development, domestic energy production and high-wage jobs. Enactment of the USE IT Act is important as a prelude to expected comprehensive national infrastructure legislation in this Congress,” added the Coalition Co-Directors.