Carbon Engineering and BeZero Carbon have joined forces to deliver a new carbon removal service for those seeking permanent solutions to add to their net zero portfolios.

Launched on Tuesday (6th July), the service marks the first time that Carbon Engineering’s carbon removal service is available for purchase in small quantities, making the large-scale solution accessible for all.

Customers can now access BeZero’s platform to pre-purchase the permanent removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere using Carbon Engineerings large-scale DAC technology. 

To make the above possible, BeZero has pre-purchased an initial quantity of carbon removal capacity for its customers to buy either as part of a bundle of solutions or as individual DAC removal units.

Further purchases are expected to follow in line with demand.

Commenting on the new service, Steve Oldham, CEO of Carbon Engineering, said, “Customers in the voluntary carbon market, who are freely choosing to address their carbon emissions, are playing a key role in accelerating the build out of climate infrastructure.”

“Across the world, companies are looking for high-integrity solutions to add to their sustainability portfolios and are increasingly seeking to include permanent carbon removal in their net zero plans.”

“We appreciate BeZero’s innovative, science-based efforts to bring clarity and transparency to the industry and welcome them as a retailer for our permanent carbon removal service.”

To bring greater transparency and quality assessment to solutions available in the market, BeZero’s platform also gives customers access to their innovative BeZero Carbon Rating (BCR) Framework.

The BCR provides participants in the voluntary offset market with an evidence-based, risk assessment of the efficacy of industry accredited carbon removal and offset solutions. It does this by assigning ratings that span AAA+ to A, taking a number of risk factors into consideration, including permanence, additionality, and over-crediting.

Carbon Engineering’s DAC technology is the only solution to qualify for an AAA+ rating. 

On this, Tommy Ricketts, Co-Founder and CEO of BeZero, said, “We believe not all carbon credits are created equal. Carbon Engineering’s AAA+ rated removal solution is the best carbon credit we have rated across the entire voluntary market. “

“It is precisely the type of high-integrity, measurable, and verifiable option customers need to address their carbon footprint. Making it available in any size, also means it is now accessible to buyers of all budgets – a first for both Carbon Engineering and BeZero.”

Sebastien Cross, Co-Founder at BeZero, added, “Carbon Engineer’s DAC technology is the future of climate action, and we believe the offset market can play an important role in financing it.”

“We are especially excited to have used the BeZero Carbon Rating to design the world’s first premium nature-based and technology removals basket for clients.”