CarbonCure has launched its Industry Advisory Council. The council aims to bring together the unique perspectives of concrete and cement industry leaders, with the intention of identifying current and future industry needs in order to shape CarbonCure’s strategic direction.

The Advisory Council will be chaired by William C Holden. As a member of CarbonCure’s Board of Directors and formerly Interim Vice-President of Sales at CarbonCure, Holden brings a thorough understanding on CarbonCure’s technology and value propositions to the Council.

The CarbonCure Industry Advisory Council is comprised of seven minds the in the cement and concrete industry:

jamie gentoso ROUND

Source: CarbonCure

Jamie Gentoso P.E., CEO, US Cement, LafargeHolmcin Ltd.

“The utilisation of CarbonCure is one method by which concrete produces can reduce their impact and I am excited to work with the CarbonCure team to continue to drive technologies that achieve the goal of carbon footprint reduction,” said Gentoso.


bob haldrup ROUND

Source: CarbonCure

Bob Haldrup, President of Irving Materials, Inc. North Division

“I am proud to be a part of the CarbonCure Industry Advisory Council and have great respect for the other advisory members. I look forward to sharing my experiences with them and helping to move this innovation into the broader market, connecting more customers with this sustainable solution,” said Haldrup.


steve cox ROUND

Source: CarbonCure

Steven Cox, Vice-President of Business Development, Command Alkon

“I am excited to join CarbonCure’s industry Advisory Council. This is a great opportunity to be affiliated with an innovative, high-growth company that improves its customers’ concrete performance while reducing the carbon footprint of every cubic meter they produce,” said Cox.


jeff davis

Source: CarbonCure

Jeff Davis, Former Vice-President, US Concrete Inc.

“I am honoured to join the CarbonCure Advisory Council. Today, the design community is actively working to transform the built environment by reducing it carbon footprint without sacrificing performance. CarbonCure’s technology delivers ready mix producers a significant opportunity to meet these requirements and accelerate this sustainable transformation,” said Davis. 


alan wessel ROUND

Source: CarbonCure

Alan Wessel, President, Thomas Concrete Inc.

“I am honoured and excited to work closely with sun an innovative team led by Rob Niven. Helping influence CarbonCure’s strategic direction, growth and customer offering is a natural step for me and it fits well with the core values at Thomas Concrete. I firmly believe that doing the right thing – socially, environmentally and financially – is the right way to run a business over the long-term, which clearly aligns well with CarbonCure’s future,” said Wessel.



Source: CarbonCure

Rob Niven, CEO and Founder, CarbonCure Technologies Inc.

“The Industry Advisory Council will help CarbonCure enhance our customers’ competitive position through improved economics and sustainable products. I’m honoured by this opportunity to consult with the industry’s leading minds on how to better serve the concrete and cement industry,” said Niven.


bill holden ROUND

Source: CarbonCure

William Holden, Chairman, CarbonCure Industry Advisory Council

As Chairman, Holden says that members of the council were chosen because, “they are trusted and responsible individuals who have been very successful in the industry over the years and have supported he industry with the time, their gifts and their companies.”