For the seventh consecutive year, Canadian cleantech company CarbonCure has been named a Global Cleantech 100 Company out of a more than 10,000 entrepreneurs.

A celebratory moment for the group, its constant recognition on the list has this year led the company to be inducted into the Cleantech Group’s Global Cleantech 100 Hall of Fame.

Cleantech’s Cleantech 100 Hall of Fame was launched to recognise the achievements of companies who have been listed on the annual Global Cleantech 100 list seven times. 

Robert Niven, Chair and CEO of CarbonCure, said, “CarbonCure’s induction to the Cleantech 100 Hall of Fame recognises the hard work and innovation of our teams as well as the dedication of our customers and partners around the world.”

“We are honoured to receive this recognition for the progress we’ve made toward our ultimate mission to decarbonise the concrete sector.”

“2021 was a banner year where we were named the Carbon XPRIZE winner, doubled our clean concrete footprint and scaled our business globally. To receive this award at the beginning of a new year sets the scene for more success to come in 2022.”

Richard Youngman, CEO of the Cleantech Group, said, “Over the past decade, it has been exciting to see CarbonCure’s swift rise and success at scaling its technologies around the world.”

“We look forward to celebrating even more positive climate impacts from CarbonCure and all of these Hall of Fame companies in the next five to ten years, delivering sustainable innovation and living out the promise of the Global Cleantech 100.”