Canadian carbon dioxide (CO2) removal company CarbonCure has joined more than 200 companies in a joint commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

The company on Monday (20th September) unveiled that it has inked the Climate Pledge alongside a cohort of 86 new signatories – and it is the first carbon removal company to do so.

Co-founded by Amazon and Global Optimism in 2019, the pledge strives to reach net zero a whole decade ahead of the goals set out in the Paris Climate Agreement. 

On the company’s commitment, Rob Niven, Chair and CEO of CarbonCure, said, “We are honoured to stand with Amazon, Global Optimism and every signatory of The Climate Pledge.”

“At CarbonCure, we are not only committed to helping the concrete industry decarbonise but also to reducing our own operational impact. In 2020, we offset our own emissions and reinvested back into the carbon removal (CDR) ecosystem by purchasing CDR credits.”

“CarbonCure hopes to inspire other pledge signatories to make similar commitments, as we collectively catalyse and scale up a diverse portfolio of carbon removal solutions critical to the world’s ability to meet global climate goals.”

In addition to being the first carbon removal company to join the pledge, CarbonCure is also among the five inaugural portfolio companies of Amazon’s $2bn Climate Pledge Fund.

Welcoming the company’s signature, Matt Peterson, Director of the Climate Pledge Fund, said, “CarbonCure is a true success story of The Climate Pledge Fund.”

“The company’s phenomenal innovation and rapid growth demonstrates the power of the fund to make real progress in the fight against climate change.

“CarbonCure is demonstrating how successful portfolio companies can go on to contribute to the ongoing investment and innovation cycle.”

CarbonCure: Policy is needed to make the most of CO2 in the concrete industry

“We need policy makers to make policy, to reduce barriers so we can take carbon dioxide (CO2) and reuse it in a beneficial way to create value.” 

Those were the words of Dean Forgeron, Senior Vice-President of Engineering and System Development at CarbonCure Technologies at CarbonCure, when he spoke on the first part of gasworld TV’s two-part CO2 series on Friday 23rd July.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CarbonCure develops CO2-utilisation technologies that consume industrial CO2 to manufacture valuable products to help decarbonise the concrete industry.

Informing gasworld TV on the progress the company has already made, Forgeron, said, “We’ve installed in about 330 plants to date and by the end of next month will be over 400 plants globally. Currently in about five continents, and when we enter 400 thresholds, we should be in seven continents - so we’re really starting to expand globally.

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